About BP2 Custom Homes

With over 25 years of master craftsman experience you can be sure BP2 will provide the highest quality build, service and satisfaction for you and your new home. At BP2 we have assembled a team of top tier professionals to ensure our projects are completed with the highest amount of detail and precision, every home, every time. We partner with our clients and leave them with more than a finely crafted home, we leave them with a friendship of a lifetime.

BP2's roots go back to 1876 when Jim Thompson, the area's first settler, built his home in Oak Creek Canyon. Jim Thompson is Jason's great great grandfather and the pioneer of home building in red rock country. BP2's rich heritage has been continued throughout the years as the Smithson’s have raised their family and are working to leave a legacy as long as Jim Thompson’s.

With roots like this, you can be sure BP2 is here to stay…

Jason and Stacie Smithson are the owners of BP2 Construction, the parents of three beautiful daughters and the grandparents of six grandchildren. As a family owned and operated business we treat our clients as just that, family.

With a degree in Zoology some people ask how Jason navigated toward building homes and becoming a General Contractor. A love for planning, organizing and turning a vision into reality transformed a natural talent and professional skills into a passion for building.

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