The Most Efficient Views

Another beautiful location with stunning views of Sedona. However, instead of windows, the home was comprised mostly of walls thus blocking anyone inside from seeing the real beauty of the area.

BP2 surgically  removed a large portion of the bearing walls and replaced them with steel posts and beams resulting in walls of glass that seamlessly invite the beautiful surrounding red rock right into the living room. Technically speaking the remodel had its challenges as the roof needed to be fully supported while removing the old walls to replace with steel posts and glass. 

What makes the glass walls unique is they are Jeld Wen Epic View windows, a relatively new window from Jeld Wen that is meant to give the modern appearance of aluminum windows, a very contemporary look, but is not made of metal but rather an aluminum clad wood window and thus higher efficiency window than the traditional all aluminum windows. 

Living in Arizona, the efficiency with cooling is always an issue to be addressed in a remodel. With these massive walls of glass, a 3rd generation Low E window was used which has a coating that does not allow for a solar heat gain like a typical window. Additionally, a two-tiered ceiling shade system, one for shade and two for a blackout, was installed to keep the heat out of the home.

The result? A gorgeous contemporary modern home with stunning glass walls that work with the landscape to provide an energy efficient home.

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