Things to consider

  1. Trust.  How do you know you can trust a contractor? Track record and reputation, Ask other contractors, architects, designers and suppliers. Most people on the reference list are going to give glowing reports. You could even ask the Jurisdiction having authority over that area, for example the city of Sedona, while they may not be able to indulge information you can at least ask them if they would build your personal home? City of Sedona planning and zoning phone number is 928-203-5118, ask for Patty.
  2. Compatibility: Are you going to continue to get along after 2 years? Are you more detail oriented or are you more interested in the process or is budget your main concern, personality types, communication styles, all these types of issues play a role.  A thorough background check and meeting multiple times at different locations etc. can go a long way in determining who you are picking to work with for the next 2 years.
  3. Level of service: Make sure the contactor you hire can meet your level of required service. Are you just looking to have a house built, or is this your dream home and you have every inch of it imagined in your mind already? Are you going for super high end finishes which require acute attention to detail or is this a spec home with average finishes that pretty much anybody can install? How will you and your contractor communicate?
  4. Licensed, bonded, insured, how long in business, what was the previous work experience. Every contractor by law should be licensed, bonded, and insured do you know how to check to see if they are, or if they have had any complaints, or disciplinary actions? Here is the web address to check with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to determine the current status of a licensed contractor.
  5. Future plans. Is your contractor just in this for a paycheck or is this his legacy? It really makes a difference when the contractor you are using plans on retiring in the same community he/ she is building in, particularly in a small town. 

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