From the Ground Up

The truth of the story lies in the details.

There is so much that goes into a custom build home, details and intricacies that may seem minor at the time of building contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic and longevity of the structure.

BP2’s custom build project of a brand new 10,000 square foot Southwestern/Mexican style home exemplifies the importance of paying attention to the details. The custom build included an outdoor kitchen with gorgeous wood cabinets. With the exterior patio paved with travertine, special consideration needed to be taken with the refrigerator and icemaker, meaning they could not sit directly on the pavers. An easy solution was to lift the refrigerator/icemaker however the solution left a design gap. By setting the concrete back, BP2 trimmed the gap with the pavers as if they seamlessly continued from the floor.

What the client sees is a beautifully designed outdoor kitchen and patio. What the client knows is it is because BP2’s experience and expertise.

To see the finished article, please click here.

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