Eclectic and Smart

As the largest remodel to date, 7500 square feet under roof, Estis includes merging an eclectic design with efficiencies utilizing proprietary methods created by BP2.

The house was over 20 years old and not up to today’s standard building practices, so it was deconstructed to reconstruct with Longevity in mind.

A particular unique part of the home is the huge outdoor area with some of the best views of Sedona. Using a proprietary method Jason created, BP2 built a deck over livable space by merging three different systems into one. Travertine pavers placed over Silca grates which were placed over adjustable bison pedestals thus creating a flat area on a tilted roof. The proprietary Metal fascia system seamlessly holds all the pavers in place. Now the homeowners can sit on a stable and solid rooftop deck while enjoying the spectacular views of Sedona.

Estis is warm and inviting, with a combination of design genres brought together through color and materials, creating a truly unique and eclectic home. 

“I enjoy endeavoring to understand each client's unique perspective and point of view in regards to what they want to create and helping them bring their vision, their dreams of a home to life..” ~ Jason

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