Resort Living in the Verde Valley

Creating beautiful homes is what Jason and his team at BP2 love to do. So much so that when building his own new home, Jason employed all the techniques and luxuries he provides his clients to develop his resort for his family to enjoy for generations to come.

The “resort,” a stain stucco Mediterranean/Tuscan styled home, includes pavers, landscaping, high-end finishes, wine room, very open large lounge for family gatherings, a 1,000 sq ft gym, pool, jacuzzi, guest house, RV garage with hook up and so much more. It is a bringing together of all the elements of a resort into the personal setting of a home, working in harmony with the environment.

Living in Arizona, the extreme heat can hinder outdoor enjoyment for many months out of the year. Jason based the architectural plans of his home on where the sun is during the year and by the time of day. By doing so, he created an energy efficient home by leveraging the position of the sun year round. This collaboration produced a home that is solar powered with a passive solar orientation into the house at a consistent 67 degrees with operable 4-foot skylights.

Jason was very strategic when building the outdoor patios. By using the information on the placement of the sun, the location of the outdoor spaces reduces the solar heat gain from radiation, from the pavers, which allows year-round enjoyment outside as they remain 10 degrees cooler.

The garage doors are heat gained, which means during the colder months they can be opened and radiate warmth back into the house.

By working with the environment, Jason was able to create a space with all the creature comforts of a resort and the feel of home while incorporating building performance for efficiencies and sustainability.