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Consistently Exceeding Expectations

Outdoor Living

As with the majority of BP2 clients, San Patricio is a home owned by a loyal client who has worked with the company on several projects. In this particular instance the client needed a new deck as the current one was over 30 years old and termite infested. Because of the history the two have shared, the client trusted BP2 to put together a proposal to “just make it right” and the budget would be provided to support the recommendation.

The deck was completely removed and replaced with new pavers and stairs. BP2 has full in house design capabilities and experience so the work performed was customized specifically for this client and his home. BP2 has worked on many projects where they have provided the custom design services. However they are just as comfortable and experienced with working with clients’ own interior designers and architects.

The deck was just one of many projects completed for this client including a guest bathroom, new fireplace, front patio and front stairs, all remodels. And the work continues as now BP2 is set to begin on remodeling the master bedroom.

“There is nothing easy about a remodel unless you work with Jason and his team at BP2. Jason knows a remodel is intrusive and his crew, subcontractors, and designers were all very respectful of my home. He also delivers on his proposals, managing the project effectively to meet all deadlines and the budget. I have worked with Jason on so many projects now that I trust him implicitly and highly recommend him and BP2 to anyone looking to do a remodel.” Dr. Neil Singer