Crawl Space Makeover

Turning a unique shaped space into an incredible new living area.

The remodel of this project involved an unused and unusual crawl space under an existing residence. The space was so unusual the excavation under the home took almost two months as there were very differing heights between the floor and ceiling within the space ranging from five feet to 17 feet, all of which needed to be leveled out.

BP2 knows there is a very specific way to excavate existing footings so the integrity of the existing footings remains. Because of their experience in custom home remodels, the time to excavate the space was appropriately allocated in the plan and budget from the very beginning.

The crawl space remodel includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an accompanying media room and exterior deck. It also includes two amazing features—a lap pool recessed to be level with the floor and a clear, cylindrical elevator to the upper floor. 

This project exemplifies what BP2 Custom Homes can do by taking an odd space and giving it new life as an extraordinary place to call home.