SouthWest New Build

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

South Western New Build

BP2 creates beautiful homes including custom designs, “from the ground up” as well as complete remodels of existing buildings. They know how to work with all ranges of budgets and types of structures. Because of their in house design capabilities and vast experience with all industry related products and services, they create something truly special for each client.

Casa Contenta was a brand new home, a “from the ground up” project. The client contacted BP2 because of their ability to deliver distinctive design elements and BP2 delivered on those expectations.

With this particular project, BP2 created a floor so unique it actually looks translucent, as if you could reach down through it with your hand. The floor was created specifically for this client and is the one and only floor of this type in Sedona. Other exclusive features included an exposed brick design on the deck, custom doors and granite counter tops, all hand selected with the client.

What is even more impressive is the entire project was completed before the requested due date and under budget. Casa Contenta exemplifies the beauty, value and level of service BP2 brings to every project, regardless of budget, scope or size.